Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I {Heart} Cassidy

Check out this little dolly I got to photograph just before leaving Sioux Falls!  This is Cassidy, one of the yummy little munchkins that lived in the house we were staying at just before moving to Minnesota.  Cassidy was 10 months in these pictures.  We all miss her.  It was SO FUN having a baby around to play with.  Especially Cassidy.  She was so quiet, never crying, and loved to be held or played with.  I was totally amazed at how she could just play on the floor for hours with her little baby toys.  Not a single one of my kids would play with toys unless they were being held up by me...
Wait!  They are still that way!

Can you see why we miss her so much!?!  Who wouldn't miss the world's most agreeable baby :0)

My friend Mary, Cassidy's Mom, wanted to get a couple pictures of her little girlie in the doll bed they had, it once belonging to Mary's mom.  What a fun way to remember a family heirloom.  Cassidy was just the right size for it too.

I LOVE this girl's eyes!  From the first time I saw her I HAD to photograph her!  She was the cutest little baby I had ever seen with those great big eyes.  And I don't have to mention that she loved me ;0) 
 Who wouldn't? {tee-hee}

This bed was such a fabulous prop, I just about threw it in the back of my Tahoe when we moved out :0)

I have to admit I was a little worried about how the pictures would turn out.  Normally I would have turned on my umbrella lights to take the pictures.  I didn't have them at Mary's house, so we just picked a spot by the window, opened up all the blinds, and clicked away.  These pictures go to show you can still get fabulous catch lights with just the light from the window.

What a doll.  I miss her already.  
We might just have to go for a drive so I can get me some snuggle time!

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