Thursday, May 9, 2013

Project #5, Blanket Binding

My fabulous stack-n-whack star quilt has been constantly used this past 6 years without every having the binding sewn on!  Shocking, isn't it???

I bet you are beginning to wonder how I can have SO  MANY unfinished projects that have been hovering in my house for so many years.  I really don't know myself.  All I do know is that life gets so busy we barely have time to breath at times.  I am so totally grateful for the time I have right now, working away in Mary's awesome basement, getting things done FOR ME that have been put off and put off while I got things done for someone else.

One of these days I will show you how I made this quilt.  I can tell you that right after we moved from Minnesota to Gilbert, AZ {like 2006} I was asked to lead a quilt group.  I used this quilt as my first block to demonstrate.  The top was done, but nothing else.  A day or two before the quilt group I threw my quilt frame together and hurried through the country-style quilting of the piece.  A running stitch around the outside was quickly thrown in there, and I popped the quilt off the frame for the class.

The End.

Nice. We didn't have many blankets when we moved to Arizona, plus I went through a tiny quilting depression from having no "need" to quilt, so one day we had to pull this blanket out of my to-do pile in order to fight off the winter chill.

Year after year I sat under this, one of my all time favorite blankets, and never got around to sewing a binding on.

Well my friends, today I stand before you with a finished quilt!  I took this off someone's bed long enough to sew on the binding, then back it went.  I saved the fabric scraps all these years, so I just sewed those end to end, cut them to 4" wide, and bound this baby.

Finally we can snuggle at ease, no longer worrying that the blanket might fall apart at any second.
Isn't it cute?  Guess I better start making some more in order to make it through that Minnesota winter we will be facing come November :0}


  1. Happy to see you getting items done from your unfinished project pile, but I can tell you I have as many (probably LOTS more) than you that I need to work on. You are inspiring me to get some of mine done (and posted). Good job on your quilt!

  2. I am so in love with that quilt! It looks so cute on top of Maddy. Glad you are getting a few things finished since you are waiting for the end of school. I love seeing what you have going on.


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