Sunday, May 5, 2013

4 Down, 26 to go :0)

Here is finished project number 4!!!
Emmalee did NOT want to stop her show to try on this dress.  However, once she did, she did not want to take her dress off.

I searched and searched in my database of photos and could not find the picture of the original clothing article.  It was actually a skirt!  I found it at Savers {for $4.00} in Sioux Falls last fall, and had an image of this dress in my mind the whole time.  I cut the top off of the skirt and used the scraps to make the sleeves.

That was about where the project stayed, in terms of doneness, until I pulled it out of my unfinished project box last night.  Today I ran elastic through the neckline, made a casing for elastic around the sleeves, 

added a little ruffly mesh around the sleeves, and added a waistline by shirring a couple rows with elastic thread.

The dress turned out totally adorable!  Can you tell I am a bit of a peasant dress fanatic?!?
The ruffles on this dress have got to be my favorite part.  I love the beads too, but they made sewing a little bit of a challenge.

So here is my cutie with one more comfy dress to hang in her closet!  Not bad for a $4 investment.
I wish this one were my size ;0}

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  1. You are the absolute Queen of the re-make, up-cycled, refurbished world of cuteness! The dresses you have been making are so CUTE! Your little model is so beautiful. Granny love all of you!


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