Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Teen Doesn't Love High Heels!?!

Madison's birthday was this weekend.  We drove out to Worthington to see Lindsey and Kylee and brought a few crazy projects with us to do there.  This was the first.  I left Lindsey and Madison there to bake cupcakes while I drove Eli to a campout at Lake Shetek, then came back ready to decorate.

I can't find the direct link, but Grandma sent a picture of the cupcakes CINDY made and we just had to try them out!

I took the lazy way, bought cake mix and frosting.  I believe it was Pilsbury that had the pink, blue and purple frosting.  The blue would be PERFECT for a Cookie Monster cake, by the way ;0}

Lindsey loves it when I put her picture on the blog ;0)

Madison got all creative with her shoe-cakes.  Love the butterfly!

We took these to church and shared them with all the Young Women on Sunday.  The rest I took to Madison's school at lunch on Monday so she could share them with her school friends.  They were totally easy and absolutely adorable.  Thanks Grandma for the idea!!!

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