Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Great BIG Thank You!

So, after attending my cousins confirmation today in Shakopee, MN, we ran back to the new house to pack up for our last trip down to Sioux Falls.  I don't know if it was all the driving, or the chance to finally sleep on my own bed, but I have had the hardest time staying awake both times we have been to the new house in Minnesota!

At about 4:30 the car was packed and the kids were belted into their seats.  I kissed my hubby goodbye and left for South Dakota for the last time.  We got about 10 miles down the road, and made a quick stop at Super America for gas and a snack.  My little Emmers asked, in her sweetest mom-melting voice, if she could go in the gas station and pick out a snack.  Knowing the 4-5 hour drive would be a crazy one with how tired I felt already, I gave in and told the kids to go in a pick something quick.  I was very anxious to get on the road so I finished filling up with gas, then went in to hurry the choice making along.    

We paid for our purchases, then raced back to the car.  I asked Madison for the keys.  She didn't have them. 



No One Had THEM!!!

Yep.  There they were.  Sitting in the ignition, safely locked inside the car.

You see, this would be no big deal for a very organized, intelligent person NOT living between two cities and completely out of boxes.  That person is not me. 

I was too tired for a setback like that!
With nothing else to do, I called my husband.  Some sweet soul came over and kept asking if something was wrong.  I just kept looking at the woman like, "Oh honey, I wish there were something you could do for me, but if you really knew what I have been going through this last month, you would run screaming yourself."  I smiled at her {at least as much of a smile as I could muster} and shook my head no, thanked her and continued with my freak out.

Great!  We are rather broke with all the expenses of this move and the two household thing not helping, now I would have to pay for a locksmith!?!  How?

Pretty much convinced there was nothing to do but cry, I just kept asking my husband over the phone to fix the lame situation I found myself in.  

All the while, the sweet lady parked behind me at the gas pump calmly walked back to her car, grabbed her wallet and phone, and called AAA.  She soon assured me that she got 4 free lockouts a year and that AAA would send someone to save us...on her!  

In my right mind I would have refused to use one of her free lockouts and I would have called a locksmith myself.  The prospect of a free unlock was a little too tempting, so I let her call AAA.  I am sure she felt silly asking them if she could use her benefit that she paid to have on her own car, and instead use it on mine.  Even still, she asked anyway.  For some reason AAA told her it was fine!  They were sending someone out to help.

I just kinda thought back through the day and tried to figure out what I had done to deserve such a sweet miracle.  Honestly, I couldn't find anything :0}  AAA couldn't get anyone there for almost an hour.  That sweet woman, I should probably tell you her name was Renee K. from Lakeville, Minnesota, took her own car through the car wash and then sat and read a paper, waiting the whole time for my sake.  I was so touched by her helpful kindness, but I am sure it didn't show through my grumpy scowl.  

Finally the tow truck arrived.  Renee came and chatted with my hyper kids until, after some time, the man was finally able to unlock the car.  I suppose I should be glad to know my car is very hard to break into, but I was just so sorry to take this woman away from her day for even longer.  Any way, long story short, we finally got it, kids strapped into seat belts, and we were once again on our way.

I am so very thankful, for one, for the blessing of getting back into my car and on my way without the financial strain.  Two, I am so glad that Renee ended up in the stall behind me when the whole thing went down.  I am also grateful that Renee had AAA and that AAA would bend the rules enough to help my family.  But really, most of all, Renee, I am so grateful for you.  

You helped my family, taking {a lot of } time out of your own day and away from your own family to help mine!  You have reminded me of goodness and caring that is sometimes hard to see in the world we live in today.

Thank you SO MUCH!
You were the good Samaritan helping us along the dusty path we have found ourselves traveling.  I pray that your kindness will come back to you 20 fold :0)  You taking the time out of your own life to bless mine is something I will remember for my whole life.  
Thank you, THanK YoU, THANK YOU!

p.s. now that you can hopefully tell that I am not a serial killer, email me at so I can get you a little something for your kindness ;0}


  1. So nice to hear that a special lady had compassion for you in your time of NEED! That is a wonderful story, and makes me want to do the same for someone.

    I love you!

  2. Sooooo awesome! Yay for the Renee's in the world! :) (And yay for AAA!)


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