Saturday, May 4, 2013

Prom Pics

We got to go up to the Twin Cities in Minnesota this weekend to see our long lost Dad and visit with tons of family.  It was heaven.  Here are a couple pics of my 
Drop-Dead Gorgeous Cousin...
just older than my daughter Madison,
as she got ready for Jr. Prom.

Alexa was just a little nervous about pinning on the boutonniere...

But I think she did a fabulous job.

Isn't she a total babe!?!  

These cute kids have been dating almost a year.  I think they make such a cute couple :0}

We ran over a took pictures of the whole group.  One girl rented a bus and everyone paid a portion to ride along.  The bus started at the school after the Grand March, then drove the kiddos to the Prom and back.  

Uhhhhhh, I was not aware of the garter tradition being a part of Prom.  My brother David blames it on the fact I went to Prom in Utah, but seriously, I have never heard of wearing garters to Prom!

Now Sassy Shoes have always been a part of the deal.  Check out those babies.  Adorable shoes for a group of adorable girls.

Poor kids, they missed out on the real fun that happened after the bus left.  My Auntie had a dead battery and needed a little jump :0)  It is OK Amy.  I won't tell your husband ;0}

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