Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Celebrations

Look how darling my brave conquering camper is!!!  She made it through a very, very, very dirty(could barely touch the bag long enough to unzip and dump it in the washer), wet, and most importantly, victorious week at girls camp!!!  She shot a gun, was the only girl in the camp strong enough to shoot a double strung bow, and repelled down a 30 foot cliff.  When she came home she told me the only way she did half the things they asked of the girls was because she had to get me, her mommy, a picture ( sweet).  I totally LOVE the shirts by the way :0)
We actually got the news last weekend, but had to wait until Mads came home to celebrate my hubby passing his big engineering exam!!!  He was totally stressed the last three months waiting to hear the outcome.  Costing us over $1000 for him to take it, if he failed, we would have had to cough up that stifling amount for him to take it again.  I wasn't worried.  The man has a mind like a sponge!  Needless to say, I don't win too many battles of intellect with this guy.  Way to go HUBBY!  
p.s. there is only a 50% pass rate-wheeeeewww to being on the passing side :0)
 (Scott just saw his picture on here-he says I'm toast :0)
Last but not least... Happy Independence Day!!!
Of course, I cried at church, singing patriotic hymns and thinking of my handsome, hunky brothers over there in Iraq, as we speak, risking their lives for our cushy days and nights.
Chris on the left, David on the right-striking a pose :0)
I sure love and miss them.
Way less noble are the skirts I made for the girls.  Here is Madison's.
Red and sparkly, like her hair (tee-he)
She decided to spruce her hair up a bit with these flowers.  I think it is becoming an obsession with her, putting flowers in her hair.  I just wish I were young enough to pull it off myself.  She added the wired stars for the whole firework effect.  I loved it.  She has such gorgeous hair it looks like an up-do at any given moment.
This is the only picture I got of Emmalee.  We will have to try for another tomorrow.  When we got home from church I had a screaming headache and a screaming two year old to match.  I tried to snap a winner, but thought it would endanger her life, given my mood.  When we woke up, the outfit was on the floor.  Here is an equally bad picture of the hair bows.  They are currently in my sleeping toddlers room so a better one of those will not be happening tonight.  I enjoy my sleep too much to disrupt hers :0)
Big white bow on the bottom, aqua tails on top of that, sparkly red bow, then fire-worky wired stars, all topped off with aqua corkers.  Most of this I found already done in my ribbon pile, leftovers from some past project....Score!  That saved me like an hour!
Then we ran these plates of goodies around to a couple friends while waiting for fireworks to start.  I saw the red-white-and-blue strawberries all over the internet and had to try them myself.  The pretzel rods happened to use up the extra almond bark.  Funny how things tend to escalate to unimaginable proportions when one inocent task is begun.  
I was too lazy to dig out my decorator coloring, so I attempted to color my almond bark with the little droppy kind from the kitchen cupboard.  As I saw the blue droplets fall, I realized that the liquid could make the chocolate seize up, so I stopped and stirred it really quick.  It did make it thicker than normal, but we could still use it.  That is why my blue ended up more of an aqua.  Oh well, they do sing "sea to shining sea" right?  What is more "sea-ish" than aqua!?!  Am I right or am I right?
And now, for added goof-effect, here are some of the pictures I took trying out my camera's firework-mode.
I haven't quite figured out what it does, yet.  It seems to take a picture at the first click, then a few seconds later, and mixes the two pictures.  Weird.

Anyway, today I finally made it out of bed in time to finally hit the gym for the first time in nearly 3 weeks.  Then, when I got home, I set about putting my house back together from an also nearly 3 weeks of disaster after our little family trip.  Just when things were looking up, Madison suggested we move the craft/computer room around.  5 hours later, and with piles still on my kitchen counter, I am going to bed.  It will all still be there in the morning, right?
Tomorrow, I will post pictures of Emmer's party.  It's about time, huh?  Hope you had a very happy 4th, and may there be a vacation from something in your future. 

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