Friday, July 9, 2010

A Closer Look

I get to test a new pattern for Sweetie Pie Bakery.  I am totally stoked!!!  The only problem is that I don't think I am allowed to show you, and it is taking pretty much all of my time this week.  That is why I decided to give you a closer look at my 4th of July outfit for Emmers.  That and the fact that I am so totally proud of myself for creating it without a pattern or anything but a cute shirt we picked up at Goodwill.  I simply fell in love with it.
Here is the front view (up above), the back view down below.  I chose to put the buttons only 2/3 the way down the back cause I love the look of it open a little.  It reminds me of those little plastic baby dolls, cutie pie dolls or something, from when I was little.  You know, the ones with the little plastic mohawks.  Or maybe Holly Hobby, she had a dress like this.
This is the shirt I copied. 
I stared at it for a while.  Then measured, adding an inch here or there to make a pattern slightly bigger.  This shirt may have been meant as a dress.  It is size 24mo.  That is totally shocking since most cloths I have to get Emmalee are size 5T.  Anyway, I wanted the thing to fit longer than an hour, plus wanted to make others the same style-why change it if it works, right?
I am really intrigued by making patterns.  It is crazy the way things need to be planned one way to come out another in the end.  I have been dissecting clothing with my mind for some time.  It is really bad when I see a really beautiful shirt or something and get so lost in figuring out how it all came together that I miss the tiny fact that the person wearing it is staring right back at me wondering what my problem is.  Creepy you say?  I know.  More like embarrassing.    I am just fascinated with how they are put together.  I think I need to bite the bullet and buy some patterns for shirts with puckers and pleats, just to familiarize myself with how they are cut before and after.  One day I will also face my fear of sleeves head on, for now, I will stick with sleeveless
Here is the birthday petti skirt.  My original mental photo shoot consisted of a white skirt, then raspberry, lemon, and aqua ruffles on the bottom.  It would look something like this when covered with an over skirt... 

I actually had too much fluff to sew on the bottom ruffle.  I will have to order more fabric, but may just have to make an all new skirt.  It has worked out very well to have it white on the bottom.  I made these two over-skirts, and thinking I may have to make more.  I did come to the conclusion that the first one was gathered a little too tight and was a little long.  The second, sparkly red one, was shorter, less tightly gathered up, and only 5 sections instead of 6.  I liked it more, but still need to perfect the idea a bit.
You can see the yellow yolk inside, but when the outer-skirt is on, it is invisible!  Isn't it magical!
Here are the big birthday bows
And another shot of the even bigger 4th of July bows.  These turned out so fun I am dying to make some more.  Maybe next week.  Yeah right.  This felt food pattern is gonna take me all next week too.  I really can't wait to show you that!  That Sweetie Pie Bakery is so adorably creative!!!
Look at this:
Aren't all these patterns adorable!!!  You can find them all here
Have a happy WEEKEND!  It is FINALLY here!!! 

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