Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Haven't Finished, But I Have Been Working!

I have been working like crazy coming up with projects for our big craft Saturday we do every year at church, Super Saturday.  A bunch of ladies get together and make stuff.  It is usually Christmas decorations or things you can give as gifts.  This year, we wanted to do things that were about families or things that would give families the opportunity to play together more.  I could not resist the opportunity to make felt food.  Most ladies, when I say the words "felt food" give me very strange looks and say, "what is that!?!"  You and I are much more up on things, right?  We know how totally fun the stuff is and how there is everything imaginable made out of felt.  I have thought and thought, so much so that the tiny stitches holding  my tiny brain in place have started to pop, as I have tried to think up easy felt food patterns that will still look like food if totally messed up by the un-crafter. This is what I came up with...
Easy enough, but I don't think I will include this in the plan.  It took too long to stitch together in the end.  Plus, who wants to cover a stick with felt, and who wants their 2yr old to pull that stick out of the sucker and stick it in some other "sucker"-you know, the sibling type of "sucker."  I made this by sewing a long strip of pink, 1 1/4" wide, and a long strip of yellow, 1 1/4" wide, together.  Then spent a very long time with a very long paintbrush jamming batting clear through the looooooong tube.  Not fun.  Then, very painfully, sat even longer stitching each seam between the twisted rope in place, twice.  I am thinking.....we can still do a sucker.  Actually, it just hit me.  I will do a circle, machine sewn, then they can just stitch the grooves...more to come...Moving along...
Sno Cone. 
Got the idea seeing these from American Felt and Craft.  However, their sno cones are made of wool roving and it can be pricy.  I was trying to make this project cheep affordable :0)  I made a cone, wider than the average ice cream cone, but just as tall.  I filled it with batting, made pompoms out of tule, then stitched them to the top.  Not bad.  I gave the handsome fella a hair cut.  I have to say, they look way better with two colors than just one.
Cotton Candy
I bought a pattern from Bugga Bugs.  I gave up trying to figure it out.  I didn't know if it would be a tube, or what.  It was basically a tube.  You can buy yours here.  For the handle she recommended using heavy weight...what is the stuff called...oh, I need to go to bed....interfacing!?!  Right?  The pellon stuff.  I didn't like it.  It was very hard to sew through.  I think I will just use felt.  Maybe iron on some heat-n-bond to the inside for added stiffness or something, but I really bent up that interfacing trying to stitch the stuff closed.
Double Scoop Chocolate Delight!
Made the cone-to make cones, trace a nice sized dinner plate.  Sew lines about 1/2" apart right down the middle of the plate-sized felt.  Keep sewing lines 1/2" from that first one until you have reached the edge on both sides of the circle.  Then, turn it and sew lines in the intersecting direction.  When you have a waffle-like grid sewn into your circle, cut that circle into fourths.  Take each fourth and sew the long, straight sides together.  Turn it inside out and you have a cone.  Stuff.  For the ice cream, take a small saucer, like you would use under a tea cup.  Trace that onto felt, cut out, run a running stitch around the whole thing.  Tighten a little bit, stuff, stuff some more, then tighten all the way.  Secure your thread.  Stitch the ice cream to the cone.  Yumm.  I added another scoop, one is simply not enough.  I thought it still needed more, so I added a 3/4" strip, about 18" long before ruffling, around the bottom of each scoop.  Now that is an ice cream!
One long tube- I cut mine about 28-30"long, 4" wide.  I doubled over the felt and sewed down the strip, turn inside out, stuff, blahh, blahh, blahh.  Twist to look like a pretzel, hand stitch in place.  Stitch on the "salt crystals"-I stitch each on twice 'cause I am paranoid and know how rough my own children are with things, and how much rougher other kids are when they come over and play with our things.  Last thing I need is someone eating beads :0)

I am actually finished with the felt food samples.  I am not adding any more.  Those couple will keep any beginner busy for days.  What else are we doing for our Super Saturday?
Here is a peek, finished product to come...
Birthday banner-cut out on my new sizzix die!!!  They are such super fast shippers!
Birthday Box
I am totally excited about this one!  One envelope for each month, will have a paper to write down names and birth dates of all celebraters for that month.  There will be a magnet on the back so you can hang it on the fridge if you want.  You can even store the cards for each month in the envelopes!  
Spunked-up note books (inspired by Sisters Stuff-Love Them- Here and Here !!!)
not finished yet-hoping they can keep a few kids quiet during church :0)
Also TOTALLY THRILLED with what I am going to do with this!!! I have driven across the valley TWICE this week to get this metal from my favorite metal supplier.  The first time for the 12x12, the second for the idea that hit me last night.  Just you wait and see......
Now, off to bed!


  1. LOVE the food you came up with!! VERY creative!!

  2. That play food is awesome. I really wish I was in your ward! We don't do a Super Saturday. :(
    You may have inspired me to get back on the food sewing wagon though.

    Where is this metal supplier you have? I have been looking for some place. If you could email me the location, that would be awesome!


  3. That food look so good!Are you planing to make some more?I have a plan to make some crocheted food,but I'll start with vegetables.Visit my blog for some inspiration.


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