Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cookies, Yumm! And a whole lotta babble!

Ok, so yesterday I posted these cookies that look so good I want to lick my screen.  I was going to link to the actual posting, but saw her dang cute button and decided to throw that on there instead.  I didn't realize until I sent a few of you on a wild goose chase that the post was actually from January :0)  Ooops!
So here it is...Enjoy!
Meanwhile, I finished pressure canning my mountain of raw hamburger smooshed like playdough into 30 pint-sized jars.  Took pictures of the whole thing, not that you want to see that much raw hamburger sitting out on my counter, but to prove that I did something with the day formerly known as "today."  As I sat down at my computer I discovered that my SD Card Reader was not working any more.  Now, for 24hours I have sad alone, drowning in my own devastation.  How will I show you my projects?  How will I connect to my cyber community?  How much would a new one cost?  Yes Scott, you are going to find a way to fix this!!!  I don't care what I have to return to Walmart to get a new one!

Breath...breath...look at the cookie picture some more.  It is way more appealing than my photos anyway.  I think I loved the look of those cookies because they remind me of the cookie recipe I lost years ago.  I took Home Ec. one semester in High School.  I moved so much as a child, that I had to use all my electives to make up classes that didn't transfer over, instead of taking classes I DESPERATLY wanted, like sewing and cooking.  Long Story short, finally got to take a cooking class, got this fabulous recipe for pinapple cookies, with pinapple frosting of course, and totally LOVED IT!  Just after we were married, the ladies at church decided to make a cookbook.  I am sure you have submitted several of your own recipes, right?  You have heard of it, done it, and are probably not stupid enough to give them your actual, original chicken-scratched  recipe card!!! The only copy you had!  I was.
It has been 13 years now, 13 years without pineapple cookies.  Are you crying yet? 
There went 3 minutes of your life you will never get back.  See what you get when I can't show you my pictures?  A bunch of bable :0)  I couldn't show you any pictures from today's excapaids anyway.  I am still working on my top secret felt food pattern I am not allowed to share.
I have promised myself I will get to work on a real, sharable, and actually for ME project by the end of the week.  Maybe by then I will have invented some teleportation device to get my pictures magically off my camera and into my computer.  If not, my pictures may just step down even further in professionalism and come from my phone.
Here is the cookie recipe...

Oh, as I went back to the site to get the actual recipe link I have found that, alas!  This was a site for ordering cookie dough! 


How imberrasing.  This day just gets better and better. 

Ok, I went to and found you a cookie recipe.  Many great reviews.  The photo is not sexy.  Not even close.  They should hire the artistic mom to take a picture of those :0) 
I have once again vowed off sweets, so you will just have to try the recipe and let me know how it goes :0)
Or, if you are the dough ordering type, go straight to Dough Girl and get the originals.
As for me, I will have to settle for the picture at the top of this post 
 :0P    sluuuuuuuuuuuuurrrpp!


  1. Hi I just wanted to let you know they sell Card Readers that plug into your USB. So there you go problem solved...
    I even got a link for you to see what they are I'm sure they have similar ones in the store but couldn't find any on the site
    Hope this helps!!!

  2. You always make me smile--even 800 miles away! <3

  3. Vanessa when I come for bunco tonight I will bring the card reader I have. I have a reader on my printer so you can have my portable one.


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