Thursday, July 22, 2010

Starting My Quilt...Again

Here is the first grouping of the blocks for the quilt I hid away many years ago.  The first blocks were...
1-this log cabin
and 2- this patch they called Brightness and Glory

I started this quilt in 2005, I think.  It has been so very long I can't even remember.  I had done a few quilts, but this one consisted of so many 1.5 and 2" half-square triangles that I had a hard time getting things to line up.  The log cabin up there ended up 3/4" too small on two sides.  I couldn't figure out how to put these two blocks together.  It stressed me out so much that I ended up just putting it away. 
This block...
(called True Lover's Knot) was also in that group.  I haven't tried to put it with the other blocks in it's row so I don't know if there is anything wrong with it.  For all these years I keep seeing that bag of quilt and thinking I should get that together.  I am finally doing it.  I have decided to not let the imperfections keep me from finishing it.  I will just add strips where there are gaps and be happy it is done.
Here are the ones I did Tuesday...
this turned into this...
Tree of Life
and thank goodness there was only one...
Broken Window
I made 2 of these. 
Each block has history behind the blocks and fabric, why they chose them to go along with the Utah pioneer/religious theme.  I will spare you the religion, even though I love it, and send you to another lady that finished hers years ago if you would like to read her description.  She authors Cactus Needle Quilts and did a simply wonderful job on her quilt.  I didn't see any squares she had to add strips to :0)
She has several other quilts and links to even more wonderful quilting sites if you are into quilting.
I especially loved the Bee In My Bonnet link.  Check that out while you are there. 

I did a few blocks yesterday, then cut out all the remaining blocks.  Hopefully I can get them done soon.  I have given up on my goal of having it done by Saturday, but I still have til Aug. 8th to count my goal accomplished.
Today, cake making!  I can't wait to show you when it's all done tomorrow!!!

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  1. Wow....that will be beautiful once completed! Get it done girl!


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