Sunday, July 18, 2010

Need Wedding Ideas!!! and Guess What Broke Now!

Well, ladies, I am officially stumped.  I am wondering what force of nature is out to get me.  My last sewing machine has bit the dust.  I have two.  One, my very first one, was badly mistreated the first 5 years of it's life before someone told me you were supposed to oil them :0)  Or even clean them out on a regular basis.  I sewed on it for another three years with the timing out.  I chugged along as best as I could, not having any mentor-type person there to tell me a simple, yet hard to swallow $80 repair would have fixed all my woes.

When we moved to Arizona, for the second time, I knew things would be desperately tight forever.  In a last hope to be able to make money off the stuff I create, I splurged and sprang for a $200 singer.  I was super paranoid when sewing.  I cleaned the whole thing of lint every time I changed the bobbin, oiled every three sewing hours.  The timing went out 4 months later. 

I have always sworn that I had an negative field around me that destroyed all things electronic-if it could break, it would.  I took both machines into the shop when we got our tax return last year.  I was so ecstatic to get them back and start sewing again.  The singer had the timing slip out again in less than 3 sewing hours-all in the same day of course :0)  The older machine, a White, lasted maybe another month, hardly worth the $80 ( that one I only blame myself -it was simply giving up the ghost after all those years of terrible treatment).  The singer, I took it back to the same shop.  I told them they must not have done the repair properly and made them re-do.  I really didn't sew much after that.  I was very eggshell-ish when I did sew.  I managed to get almost another year out of the thing.  I finally did it in last week sewing on my felt project.  Sadly, there was some machine sewing over felt that had been hot glued.  Note to everyone* never sew over hot glue!!!  You know that feeling you get when you know you are doing something you really shouldn't do, but maybe your friends are calling you a sissy and you just can't stop?  That was me.  I sewed anyway.  Now, it's over.  Waaaaaa!

It's OK.  I have cake projects and scrapbooking projects, and by the way...the reason for my post today is a search for wedding ideas.  My sweet friend came to me today and said she is doing a double wedding reception in Aug.  Her husband has been out of work for the last year and money is very tight.  I need ideas!!!  Please, if you have seen ideas online, have done wedding receptions, been to receptions...We need to know!!!  I know the ideas are out there, I just don't remember where I saw them in all of these past months.  They are planning on 150 guests, something like 22 tables.

Hopefully all of that will keep me busy until I can figure out what to do about the machine.  My hubby dropped rumors about using the Christmas bonus for a new machine...but we all know I can't wait that long!  Can you imagine a week, let alone months without the sweet calming hum of the sewing machine...OK, if we are talking about either of my old machines it is more like the sweet ka-chunking of the sewing machine?

I am open to suggestions about what type of machine I should buy also :0)
When I have a surprise package filled with buck-age left on my doorstep anyway.

Oh...and while I am at it, my serger just quit also...I wasn't kidding about the whole negative electronic field.  I give the whole computer about a week  ;0|  


  1. Oh no! If you need a machine, you can borrow mine, it just sits in the garage collecting dust. ;)

  2. My first sewing machine died too! now I'm using my mother in law's sewing machine, I have to buy a new one, but I don't want to pay much for it, so I would recommend looking on craigs list, I found a new Singer (never been used) and a Serger (never been used either) both for $100...I wish you luck!

  3. Please don't take this wrong way... But at the rate you are going through them, have you considered checking out Craigslist for machines? I got a 1960something Singer, with a sewing table for $25. It sewed 4 kids costumes... until the ONLY plastic gear shattered. Mind you, the gear was so old, it was that lovely amber color from oiling and age. I'm shocked I got as much as I did out of it. Seems there are always machines reasonably listed on CL.

    TheKnot has tons of ideas on DIY weddings done cheap. Goodness knows there are oodles of blogs, as well. Oh! Look for blogs that just deal with parties in general. You can always tweak those ideas.

    Your blog is so cute.


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