Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Spin on Wedding Cake

I get to do a wedding cake in a couple weeks.  As I was meeting with the bride and family, I hoped with all of my heart that I could convince them to either do a cupcake cake or a cake buffet.  The other idea was to put one cake on each table, as the centerpiece, and have the guests serve themselves.  A friend of mine did that a few years back and it was really "sweet"!
I found so many cute pictures.  Of course, the pictures got me nowhere.  They wanted the traditional wedding cake so I thought I would show you what I found and hope that quenches my desire to make some of these.  I simply searched "wedding cupcake cake pictures" at Google and these are what I found.  The cake above was found Here.

How cute is this!!!!  I love the idea of individual cakes.  Waaaaay more work for me, but how unique would this be!
This one is a little busy, but I do like the overall effect.  The decorated boxes are a creative way to present the cupcakes.
How yummy are these balls of cake looking!?!  They are so pretty!  It looks like they were covered with a poured fondant. 
This one comes in YELLOW!  You know I love that!
Into square?  These perfect cubes of sugary goodness are adorable!  There are a couple other cupcake cakes on this site also.  I like this one the best.
Into Black and White?  Or, maybe it is for a music recital or anniversary party, over the hill birthday?  This cake is perfect!  Love the textured fondant toppers.
Don't you just love how they laced this with flowers!?!  I think it makes it look like an actual cake, but with the charm of cupcakes.
Wanna' add some color?
Desire variety?  I think the different flavors here add a little charm.
How adorable is this cake!?!  This photo leaves me speechless!

OK, enough of the cupcake cakes, how about this buffet idea?  The mom was saying they couldn't think of which flavors they wanted more.  I thought the buffet would be a creative, aesthetically pleasing way to give your guests their pick of many flavors.  Check this out.  Apparently I wasn't the first to think of the idea...
This buffet was quaint.  It has that vintage feel.  Don't you love how all the cakes are decorated so differently?
Again, love the look of the different cakes, all on different levels *a key part of the concept*
This was actually an ad for the cake stands, not necessarily for a wedding.
Like them all to look the same?  How cute are these?  This idea, of course, comes from Martha, but I found it HERE.
Now here is an over-the-top cake buffet!  Check out how decorated those cakes are.  It is CRAZY!
Crazy and gorgeous.  How many flowers do you think they used?
Love these babies!  How yummy do they look!?!
These cakes said, "Forget the flowers!"  I love the simple look of the berries. 
Now, this link is worth a click!  Lillyella, of the blog Lillyella-Uniquely You, made the cute cake cards and stands.  There are some very tempting pictures of all the cakes and what kinds they had.  This is a little more of what I was looking for, but with the cakes all white.
This Vintage Cake Buffet is cute.  I love the look of the tall cakes.  It reminds me of Pollyanna.  You know that cake the cook is making for the town's festival. 
Check out the incredible decorating on those cakes!  I had to just stare at them for a while. 
This buffet is lovely.  I think the cupcakes and cookies are a cute touch.
This buffet doesn't really have any cake, but WOW!  Check out those treats!
Another one worth the click.  The photos are of the yellow and white cake buffet.  Again, not completely cake, but lots of cupcakes and the above shown cake pops!!!

Then there is the whole trend of candy buffets at weddings.  We won't go there today. 

If I had it to do all over again, my wedding cake would have been either the cupcake cake or the cake buffet.  Lets face it, it would have been the cake buffet because I can never make up my mind!

So much cuteness, so little time!


  1. When you think about it a traditional cake is a lot less work! So let them eat (REGULAR) cake


  2. Beautiful pictures! my daughter is getting married in June, we are having a cupcake and candy buffet. As a professional cake decorator I chose the cupcake alternative as much less stressful to me. I have done the cake on every table, it was lovely and it got people up and moving at the reception!


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