Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kid Wash CopyCat

Pictures courtesy of J. Good Photography
Somehow...I still don't know how...I convinced my husband to build one of these today. They call it a "kid wash" car wash...get it? I love it! I am sure the web will be flooded with them in no time. I am proud to be of the first three hundred blogging CopyCats to tackle the project. You can find instructions here at Instructables.

I am about to give you the 4-1-1 on the whole thing.

I said, "Lets make one. What will it be? Like Twenty bucks?" My husband nodded in agreement. And so it began.
Your supplies @ Arizona Home Depot prices:

$4.00- 2 ten foot lengths of PVC
$1.05- 3 end caps
$1.47- 1 threaded female hose connector (slip fit)
$0.62- 2 elbow joints (90 degree)
$0.62- 2 T connections
$5-7.00- 1 pack quarter circle mister jets (12 count)-You can't get these at Home Depot. Lowes said they had them...they lied. We finally found them at Ace in packs of 10 for just under $5, but busted two and ended up buying another bag=$10

You also need the following tools:
measuring device
pen or pencil
PVC cement- $7.00
drill & 5/32" drill bit
They don't mention it, but you also need a 10-32nf tap to thread the hole you drilled so the little sprayer will twist in. That cost another $5, the handle you use to turn it, another $7 :0) Do you see how our little project started adding up quickly? Scott tried to do it without the nap. He no longer has skin on his right thumb and ended up breaking two sprayer heads. Just buy the tap. He said once he used it, the nozzles just twist into place like they were born for just that...and they were :0)

Here are Scott and Eli putting ours together.

Once you have all the supplies, it is easy. My husband's mind is now going wild with all the different spraying toys you could make. Tall tower poles that spray in all directions, poles that just spray out the top in a mushroom like fashion.

Pipe stuff- $17.76 (would have been $12.76 if we wouldn't have sprung for the second bag of sprayers)
Tool Hoopla- $19.00 (not mentioning the drill bits we had to buy and other things that really made our bill WAY over the $20 mark :0)

Bottom Line- $36.76

Price our friends will pay when they use our tools to make theirs:$12.76 :0) Glad to take one for the team.
And to watch our children getting soggier than a bowl of stale cornflakes....PRICELESS-especially when it is 110 degrees outside :-0

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  1. I love it!! Perfect for the ridiculous Arizona heat. Wish we were close enough to come and borrow your tools! ;~)


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