Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Princess in the Kitchen Party-She is 2!!!

Emmalee got to have her second birthday celebrated at a Princess in the Kitchen party.  We invited 6 of her little friends.
We spruced up the play area.  I almost got the kitchens finished.  Finally, with having been out of town, I just had to let some things go.  I am a firm believer in doing a party for the party person, not my friends.  That reduced the stress quite a bit.  We also wanted to cater to the 2 year old attention span.  Here was the invite in case you missed it.  I held the party from 4-5 on Saturday.  I figured an hour would be max for actual enjoyment at this age.
The kids could play in the ball pit when they first got there...
Or in the play kitchens.  I am still waiting for the hubby to put in a light switch and attach the lights correctly, but why let that stop us from partying like it's going out of style? 
Remember this...
It became this.  Eli was given full ownership of this kitchen.  I figured it would give us some fun time together and fulfill his scouting requirement for building something.  We still need to attach the oven door, I just can't quite figure out what kind of hinges to use on this funny side.  We will save that discussion for later.  I guess I have a one track mind.
My felt cakes.  I put flowers on some.  Actually, I was up late the night before making the flowers.  That is why there were only flowers on enough cakes to give one to each girl.
I wanted to show you these again.  I made them for Madison's party, but didn't have any way to hang them.  This time I used my Twilight Party Platters to display them and am now in LOVE!
I made an oven mitt for each little princess.  For future reference, the little darlings all wanted one for each hand-remember that if you think you want to do a kitchen party-two each, not one :0)
I really wanted to make aprons for each girl, but didn't want to overwhelm their moms, and I wanted to keep things lower on the stress level.  I ended up with these tutu aprons. 
They ended up as cute as I imagined.  I will show you how another day.  Moving right along...
Next we moved into my kitchen for a little recipe I like to call Goopie Stuff
In one bowl mix 
1 1/2 cups warm water (in Arizona the cold comes out warm enough to boil something)
2 cups Elmer's glue
food coloring 
In a separate bowl, mix :
1 1/3 cups warm water
2 teaspoons Borax
Mix the two bowls together, I use a spoon at first, then my hands, until it is totally combined. You can throw out any left over water.
If it is lumpy, just let it sit a few minutes.

I have been making this for years!!!  You must know that the different brands of glue make a slightly different texture.  Elmers is good.  The Roseart and Target generic brand make it slightly more stretchy.  This stuff bounces-a fact I chose to keep to myself around these happy, energetic children.  We have a pile of plastic scissors I got from the dollar store about 6 years ago.  I said something about forgetting to pull out the scissors and totally scared one mother.  I got them out anyway.  I am rather free spirited when it comes to toddlers.  They can make whatever mess their creativity desires at my house.  I am all about the messy moments of discovery.

Then we decorated our own cupcakes...
And Emmalee got her own cake to do with as she wished. 
While the parents gathered the party stuff, we went outside to play with bubbles.  I saw this idea the week before and had to try it.  It was a total success-so easy, such a hit!We had so much fun.  One hour was perfect.  I planned about 15 minutes for each activity.  We could have gone an hour and a half, but I figured the parents that wanted to stay longer could.  
And that was how our Princess had a party in her Kitchen :0)

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