Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Angry Bird {Pig} Pops

I promised months ago to post my naked pig pops so you could see how I put them together.  Even after a reminder email last week, I forgot again!  Here I am, begging forgiveness and finally posting my pops

I made Oreo balls, dipped paper straws in melted almond bark, and then into the Oreo balls.  I used a little more melted chocolate to add Cheerios to the top of the head for ears, and this is the crucial part, TWO Cheerios for the nose.  I just dipped one Cheerios in the chocolate, put it on the bear pig {don't they look like bears!} then dipped a second cereal piece, and placed it on top of the first.  I have found that you really want to accentuate those kinds of features on the cake pops so that they show up once you dip the whole beast.

This is Mary.  Don't you just love her!  I do.  Mary is one of my bestest friends in the whole entire world...and not just because she worked in a chocolate shop in her younger years and is easy prey when I need slave labor ;0)
We dipped the pigs in melted chocolate, then held them face up while we tapped them on the bowl to get all the excess chocolate off.  I took the less stressful/lazy route and just placed the pigs down on wax paper to dry.  We popped two crazy eyes...
onto the pigs, all wonky like they are on the game Angry Birds.

We added eyebrows and nostrils with a edible marker.  
***Note-not all edible markers will write on the dipping chocolate.  I used a marker that has to be refrigerated {yep, I keep markers in my fridge}.  
I got mine a little cheaper at the cake supply store, but they are available on Amazon...and they last FOREVER!

So, that is how I made my pile of pigs.  They were a huge hit at the Blue and Gold Banquet.  I am tempted to make them again just because they turned out so cute!!!

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  1. Do I have to keep the finished pops refrigerated? These are the cream cheese/oreo balls, right?


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