Friday, May 25, 2012

A "Reel"y Awesome Dad

My Awesome friend Ashley, from Cute As A Fox emailed the other day and said we needed to have a craft party really quick.  Always up for a craft party, Emmers and I were totally in.  I dug out some fishing pole handles I cut last summer, then never ended up using, and we all decided to make them Father's Day gifts.  One of Ashley's sponsors, Elmers Glue, supplied us with paint pens and we set to work.

Lucky for us, I had painted the handles last year too, so we just set them before the kids and let them have at the pens.  Somebody get me a brush!  Apparently I forgot to do Emmalee's Cinderella's hair 
{yes, Hello Kitty Star has changed her name.  She will correct you a thousand times over, so save your breath and just call her Cinderella from now on...she has "lellow" hair and everything!}

Here is a close up of the handles.  I cut them out with my bandsaw.  First I cut this view, notching into the handle up to the reel and angling the handle sides. 

Next I cut this view, cutting the circle of the reel and the front angle of the handle.   

Isn't Morgan a doll!  She is Ashley's girly.  I so love the piggytails...but I am not sure why she is blowing the paintbrush dry :0)  Ashley, are these your craft skills at work here???

I had to snap a shot of this side of the fish.  Aren't those gills like the most artistic thing you have ever seen! OK, not "reel"y, but I do think they are adorable. I think she was actually making her fish look like Nemo, with stripes, but they worked out well anyway :0)

For the pole we used Trendy Tubes filled with swedish fish.  You can buy them at local scrapbook stores {sometimes} or google Trendy Tubes to find them online.

Don't have a band saw to make a custom handle???  Try just a thick wooden dowel.
You can check out Ashley's post for a more detailed tutorial :0)
Have a great day!!!

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