Friday, May 18, 2012

Spunky Little CupCakes

These are the cupcakes I made last weekend for a sweet little baby shower.  Super fun aren't they!?!  The friend putting on the shower texted me the fabric they were using to decorate the nursery.  The fabric was full of aqua, orange, red and fuchsia.  So super fun.  I took advantage of the chance to try out some new flowers too.

These rolled-style flower buds had to be my favorite.  I have been on a little Mary Engelbreit kick lately and these fit right into my mood.

I used my awesome daisy cutters for these fuchsia flowers.  The black glitter in the center of the flower was applied glue/glitter style with a dab of corn syrup.
I used a white edible pearl in the center of that.

This trio was super fun.  The blue flower was a daisy fondant cutter, the other two were cut with cutters and then ruffled with the ruffling tool.  I was super excited with how they both turned out and can't wait to try more flowers.

There was all my hard work.  It is crazy to think about how many hours I spent making these and how few minutes it takes to gobble them up :0)  That's the cake business for you!

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  1. My very talented daughter. Those are so colorful and bright, and yes - I want to put them in my mouth and gobble them up!


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