Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Pennant Printable

It is my baby girl's 14th birthday today!!!  Yay for Madison!!!  I made a pile of oreo cakepop cones to take her at school.  I made this banner to spice things up a bit.

I taped BBQ skewers to the side of the pan to hold the banner.  

I used this printable to print out the banner, cut the pennants out, then just sewed them together, pulling the stings longer at the beginning and end to tie to the skewers.

A little curling ribbon on the top of the poles and SHAZAM!
We have a portable birthday surprise. 

Mads and all her classmates loved the cake pops and begged for more.  We may just have to get one more batch made for them before school is out in a few weeks :0)
You can download the pennant banner printable HERE with Dropbox!


  1. That is such a special Mommy birthday fun thing to take to school. Madison is a lucky girl.

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