Friday, May 18, 2012

New Kind Of WorkOut :0}

Do I have a magical workout for you  :0D
It is the StairMaster Cakethousand!  This is one exercise machine guaranteed to please {tee-hee}...but not guaranteed to slim {Darn!}

I made this cake for a customer that wanted an exercise cake.  It was pretty fun to make and VERY informative.  I learned a LOT about cake structures :0) 

Even though there are many things I would do differently next time, I am still super excited about this cake.  It was made from Carrot Cake with Rice Crispy treats as reinforcement.  The poles are pretzel rods in the back, dowels in the front.  

Always be sure to stay hydrated while using this machine...

Some cool tunes can also make the experience more enjoyable :0)

While you probably won't work up a sweat with this stair-stepper, you will definitely leave with a smile on your face...and that does your heart good too ;0)

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