Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Class of 2012 {Scorpion} Cake

Here is a graduation cake I made today.  I am a couple cakes behind, but this handsome graduate begged not to wait.  The mascot for the school is the Scorpion.  Kind of gross I have to say.  Have you seen a real scorpion???  I have.  I would like to forget it!

At least this one tastes good ;0)

The order was for a Chocolate PeanutButter cake.  I made a chocolate cake, then filled it twice with my recipe for buckeye balls + whole milk to thin it out a bit.  

Here is my scorpion.  I think I will call him...Fabio {Madison picked it-Don't look at me :0}  Fabio's body was made from rice crispie treats, the arms, legs, and tail are a foundation of wire, all of them covered in black marshmallow fondant.
Here is the compromising view {bashful smile}

I painted the middle portions with pearl glaze to make the look of different textures.

Do you like the graduation cap???  It is probably cheesy, but I thought it was fitting :0)

I covered the top of the cake with orange fondant, the sides with chocolate frosting smooshed with chopped  peanut butter cups.  

Do you like my border???  No, I am not overly proud of my graduation cake! 
I LOVE the tiny caps and diplomas boarder.  Love.

So this is a special cake for a very special graduate...
Congratulations Again SKYLER!!!


  1. Everyone LOVED the cake. I especially loved that the scorpion was wearing a graduation cap, it's those little things you know? ;) And I don't know if you meant it this way but the Reese's on the side are like a rock wall which is perfect with the scorpion and everything. Loved it all! Plus it was so yummy! The chocolate/peanut butter has definitely become my favorite!

  2. I took one look at that cake and thought 'Yikes! That is one awful looking scorpion!' Meaning that it looked so REAL, that it was freaking ME out! lol And I just LOVE the graduation hat! Too funny! I actually didn't see it at first... I only saw it halfway down the post. I even laughed out loud! Well done!


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