Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Baby Girl

OK, I am supposed to be getting dressed for church right now, but I HAD to show you these pics.
Madison needed some pics for her facebook page so I pulled up these old pics from last winter in the cotton fields.  

Here are three versions of the same picture.  I LOVE this one washed in sunlight, 

But the black and white is gorgeous too.

This one is my FAVORITE!  I took the sunlight one, converted it to black and white, then added a lovely lightly colored texture to the top.  LOVE IT!

My {SWEET} Baby Girl.  She just turned 14 :0)  Poor thing, she has been sick ever since her birthday a week ago!!!  I am trying to tell her that being a teenager is NO FUN, and I think this is good proof :0D

1 comment:

  1. Aww, what sweet pictures!!! Your "baby girl" is beautiful! My "baby girl" graduates high school at the end of the month. :( So bittersweet for me! I'm gonna miss my last chicky leaving our nest.
    Thanks for sharing!


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