Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monkey Cake Topper

Please don't judge this project on the photographs alone.  I finally looked at the pics tonight of this baby shower cake topper I made last weekend.  Can you say Blurry!

So please squint your eyes and read on :0)

My sweet friend Stacie gave birth to her sweet baby boy, fourth baby to the family, a few weeks back.  Little Jacob was born super early.  Stacie's water broke at 27 weeks.  She had to spend the week in the hospital until, due to a prolapsed cord, the baby had to be delivered.

The sweet momma has been traveling over 45 miles each way, every day to see her sweet baby.  Hopefully soon she will get to bring Jacob home, but to help Stacie pass the time, we threw her a baby shower!

Somehow I was able to get away with only making the didn't exactly MAKE the cake.  You see, I have had just so many cake orders lately, I cheated and ran to Costco to buy an All American Chocolate Cake YUMM!  I did, however, make this cheeky monkey cake topper.  I was going for the infant photo pose where they rest the baby's head in their hands and snap a few.  It proved to be a little more tricky to position a fondant monkey into that position than I thought {like what on earth do you do with the legs!!!}

In the end though, it turned out darling!  I love, LovE, LoVE the blanket.  It was super easy to make, just on a cardboard piece, and then I just dropped the cake topper on top of my store-bought cake on my way into the house.  Whew!  I love the easy way :0)

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