Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ipad CupCakes

Did I mention that I actually made 5 cakes last weekend???  Yep, looks like May is going to be cake month.  This batch was particularly fun.  A customer of mine sent me a link to some Ipad App cupcakes she saw online asking if I could re-create them.  Wohoo!  I love a challenge :0)

This is the same lady I made the Ipad cake for a few years ago...
Apparently they are super big fans :0}

I have to admit the bigger apps were easier to make.
They are actually a great project for the fondant beginner.  I had Madison do one or two for me.  She did so well I let her help with a few more.  She made the sunflower and the camera app {black ball with blue ball in the middle}.  With them turning out so cute, I had her do the calculator, email, and clock apps below.

For the cake, I made french vanilla, then filled it with a fresh strawberry/sweetened whip cream mixture and a dollop of tangy strawberry filling.  A little blop of frosting on top to make the fondant stick, and we were done!  Loved this project.  I could have made fondant apps all day :0}

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