Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shortcake In A Bottle

I got to take dinner to a cute little family that just added a baby girl to their numbers.  When it came to dessert, I was a little stumped, but heard the light bulb *click* when the thought of strawberry shortcake popped into my mind.   What a perfect treat, and not too heavy or sweet for a new mom.  I am always a freak right away about watching what I eat...until that dies off with the third or fourth night of no sleep :0)

I posted a while back about using canning jars as serving dishes.  This treat is perfect for the jars!  I made the shortcake more like a trifle, layering vanilla cake {made from a box, in case you were about to accuse me of making it from scratch}, fresh strawberries, and my own special blend of white chocolate pudding and sweetened whipped cream....OK, maybe not TOTaLLY light, but definitely refreshing!  I used wide mouth pint jars for the mom and dad, then a smaller jelly jar for their little boy.

Topped the treats off with a fanned strawberry for the presentation factor.
I usually just make chocolate chip cookies, so I am a little too pleased with myself tonight :0}


  1. Super cute! I want to just reach through the screen and grab one for me. You know I still have not used a single one of my push pop containers! At first I thought maybe you made them in those.

  2. Those look very beautiful and tasty. Great choice for desert!

  3. WOW it looks nice cake on these bottles.I haven't seen this before.Noahs ark baby shower supplies


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