Monday, May 7, 2012

Volcano Cake

Sorry for the lousy picture, but this is the volcano cake I made for Madison's Girls Camp fund raiser.  It was auctioned off to the highest bidder, all the money going towards her camp fee.
The lava splashes are the coolest things ever.  Here is how you make them. 

Buy a bag of cinnamon disc candy from Walmart and unwrap all the pieces...I leave that step up to my kids ;0)  Throw them all into a sauce pan and heat on medium until they looks like this... 
You don't really need to babysit the candy, or even stir it that often.  I went about my business, turned around, and all the candy was melted.  It did take about 10 minutes or so for all the pieces to completely melt.

Next, spill splashes onto an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet.  Make sure to make some straight pieces and some in a u-turn style so that they look like the lava is spurting out and then falling to earth.

By the time I poured out all the candy, the first pieces were cool enough to pull up...but still really hot so be careful of not to get burned.  As for the pan, it can be a bugger to clean, so just fill with hot water right away, throw the spoon in too, and it should be ready to wash as soon as the cake is done.  

We made a huge sheet cake, cut a big round bottom, smaller middle, and a smallest top circle of cake, stacked them all up and carved out a volcano.  I let Madison frost with store-bought frosting.  She thought it was the funnest cake we have ever made.  This is so great to make with kids.  They can get all the crumbs in the frosting they want and it only adds to the texture of the volcano.

I had to transport the cake to the church, so I waited to add the lava splashes.  Sadly I didn't bring my camera, so you have to put up with the pictures I took with my phone :0)

Isn't it AWESOME!  We love this cake and have made it many, many times through the years.  We made it for Eli's 7th birthday, a dinosaur party and made mini ones for the kids to take home.  I saw the idea years ago on Family Fun's website.  You can check out the original post HERE.

A couple notes if you plan to make this:
Use a pound cake or other thick cake.  When you shove the lava into the top it will break the cake apart if it isn't a firm cake.
Also, don't make the top too thin.  It is better to have a really wide base, and then a wider spout so there is enough room to insert the lava without it being cut into so many tiny sections that the top falls apart.  

That is about it.  I hope your day "Erupts" with fun!!!

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  1. How do you come up with these ideas? I'll bet that was fun. Madison did a great job decorating, and I love the Eruption. How clever!

    Love, Granny B.


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