Saturday, May 19, 2012

Father's Day Brainstorming

Guess what is coming up right around the corner???  Yep!  Father's Day.  I went cruising around online the other day and found a whole slue of ideas to make your Father's Day prep a little easier. Lets start with decorations like this Super Dad Banner

Here is a tute on Necktie Napkin Folding

Our dad would love this Stash Jar full of treats tucked away in his desk at work.

I made these You Rock frames last year.

While I am at it, I made these the year before, Best Dad I Ever Frame  

We used to make Candy Grams like this one all the time when I was a kid.  I am thinking my kids would LOVE to make one too.

Clever little sayings:

Then we have the printable gifts:

Just in case you didn't get enough, you can go here to find 50 Free Printables!!! 

Wrap those gifts with these snazzy Ribbon Tie Wraps or the 

Free printable Tie Tags :0)

Inspired yet?  I will keep looking, but let me know if you see anything fab while you are out and about!!!

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