Monday, May 14, 2012

Target Pillow Copy-Cat

I saw this luscious ruffled pillow at Target and held on it for several minutes debating if I should totally splurge and pay the $25 for it.  After about the fifth time of running my fingers through the ruffles I realized there was a pattern to the fluffy madness.  I would simply HAVE TO go home give it a try myself.  Afterall, if it didn't work out, I could always run back over to Target :0}  Lucky for my pocket book I didn't need to go back.  I think I got my Copy-Cat pillow figured out!!!

I bought a scrap of muslin from SAS for $1.  It was about 20" wide.  I cut out a 16.5" square and free-handed this spiral onto it.  This whole spiral is meant to be one single strand of ruffle.  Notice how it starts from the outer edge, spirals inward, then folds on itself in the center, spiraling back out the way it came in.  The tail is used to fill in the extra space around the corner.

That one spiral took up about 1/4th of the 16.5" square.

Here is what it looked like with 4 spirals.

I bought 1 yard of cream t-shirt knit from SAS for $2.  The knit was cut down to 2.5" strips the length of the fabric, I think 60".

Next, I ruffled the strips.  When I got to the end of one strip, I just tucked the next on top of the tail end and kept on ruffling.  That is the lazy way to make one incredibly long ruffle without sewing ends together.

Once that yard is ruffled, I was ready to put the whole thing together!!!

Can't wait!

I started with the outside edge, sewed the ruffle on spiralling to the center, around, and back out.  It was a little tricky, but nothing really difficult.

There is one spiral all done :0}  So proud!

Here is my top piece with all four spirals sewn.  I added a 16.5" square to the back, stuffed it with recycled batting and hand-stitched the pillow closed.  That made my grand total a mere $3!!!  That is a $22 savings ;0)

Look!!!  It totally worked!
Now to make more!  This design is so adorable!  I want an entire bedspread out of it!!!  Except I don't want to make it....maybe just a cute little rug for the play kitchen or SOMETHING!   I just can't stop! 

Don't laugh, but I really wanted this pillow for my front porch.  A bit over the top I am sure.  

I have nothing this fancy for my couch.  Guess I will make another one for the couch, cause this one belongs HERE.
This is one set of the door backdrops I made for the wedding a few months ago.  With the pillow it is starting to look quite cozy :0)  Next, I want to paint the bench blue.  A little crazy, I know, but I am thinking it has to happen.  Then maybe a ruffled dust skirt :0)  I sure wish the rest of my house was this fun!!!


  1. OK, this is totally fabulous!!! I can see this on a lamp shade too....I love it!


  2. Oh my gosh, that is so cute. Great job! And I like your quaint little porch area.

  3. Fantastic! Great job figuring it out. I am in awe of your talent!


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