Monday, April 12, 2010

Attack of The Chiffon Monster!

I recently finished an order of 4 pettiskirts, two with accompanied shirts and hairbows. My Emmalee was the proud recipient of two of them :0) She was afraid at first, when she saw the moving mountain of chiffon fluff coming at her head. When I finally tackled her and wiggled her into it, She LOved It! She cried when I took it off. I can't blame her. She did look simply smashing!

Now, please note that it had recently rained and Emmalee did not just spring a leak herself. Don't you just love the layers and layers of ruffles!?!

This is my favorite part! The Petti-Panties!!! I thought, "hmmm, would it work to shirr a whole pair of shorts?" It did! I love them. I have since made like 6 pairs in different colors. My recommendation would be to use as flimsy of fabric as possible-but machine washable, of course. This first pair was made from 10yr old $1yd walmart fabric. It turned out way cuter than the $6 cotton I bought at the Joanns lady's recommendation. Now, if I could just add more ruffles....

This is her imberrased face for having her panties shared with the world. Sorry Emms, they are just so cute!!!

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