Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Playroom Additions

Here is our latest playroom addition.  It is a dress-up mirror.  The idea was first conceived when I got totally fed up with the mini trampoline leaning against the wall in our front room/playroom.  Next to it was the baby gate, or at least my version of it-a 1/4 piece of beaded plywood held up by my milk jug.  With a very strong desire to create a home for these two things, and a huge one at that, I headed to Goodwill Half-Price Saturday with what was left of the paycheck.  My idea was to use a half sheet of beaded plywood, put a mirror and some hooks on it, make a cabinet out of the back, and call the front a dress-up station.  Then it could serve two purposes. 

I first found a smallish mirror with weird southwest iron designs on the top.  It was $6.  I did figure I could just tie tons of ribbons on the top.  I knew I should wait for a better mirror/better price, but just didn't want to.  In a last minute, "Madison, stand here in line while I run back to the furniture one more time" moment I found this baby!  And guess what....only $7.  That is right.  This mirror is almost 4'X4'-totally huge-What was I thinking!!!  Oh well, it came home with us anyway.  There the thing sat in the garage for a month or two while I tried to figure out just how to do it.  Finally on Saturday, I pulled it out and began my work.  I made a frame out of 2x2's and 1x2's, nailed the mirror to the front, and filled in any missing places with 1x6's.  I am sure someone else could have done a better job, but I am happy.  My plan is to put another level of shelves on top, then cover it all with a frilly girly curtain held up by a scalloped curtain box.  Then I decided I really wanted drawers underneath to hold the displaced toys.  Both those things will need to wait for MO MOney, so this is all you get right now.
I ran frantically to Home Depot last night to buy screws for my metric drawer pulls.  They were 1/2" too short, wouldn't you know it!  So, I will have to wait another who-knows-how-many-days before I can finish this project, but I did get it this far!  I used some old shutters for the doors.  About 3yrs ago I found one of those old western shutter doors at Goodwill.  You know what I am talking about?  The ones the bad guys swing through just before the gun fight begins?  Well that is what these started out as.  I moved those things twice just knowing deep down in my heart I would find a worthy home for them one day.  I simply cut the hump off the top and ShaZam!  Doors for a dress-up closet!  It's like they were born for this.
I don't know what those streaks are in the mirror.  They aren't there when you are standing there.  Must be a flash thing.  I decided to put my cute quilt up there until the top is inevitably taken over by toys.  I wonder if I can avoid that....hmmmm...
I put a magnetic latch(surprisingly easy to install-like, even my Minnesota-hot glue gunning-mother could do it :0) The thing only cost $0.89, so buying two was pretty !cheep! for the satisfaction they will provide.  Do you like the red ribbon I put in the drawer-pull holes?  Why did those screws have to be too short!!!
You guessed it!  No trampoline!  Just toys!!!!  The trampoline ended up in the garage because the kids live in the cupboard now! That is right.  My children and every other neighborhood kid (and there were many here in the last two days) spent their whole day in this cupboard opening and shutting doors, turning the lights on and off since the light switch is right outside the door, and calling "Mom" so I would come, open the door and they could try and scare me by yelling when I opened it.

Long Story short, love the cupboard.  Looks kind of like a fireplace.  Emms is either standing on her potty-foot stool rubbing her fingers all over the mirror or inside the cupboard where I envisioned the trampoline living.  Trampoline has been exiled to the garage.  Oh, and I have to go back to Home Depot...Again.

This is my other project from that same day at Goodwill.  Found this desk for $6!!!  I went looking for an entertainment center to make into a kitchen.  Decided this would do.  I have made an oven, put more shelves in for a fridge/freezer, made a microwave spot for on the top, and painted the whole thing.  My doors are cut, I am just trying to decide whether to add beaded ply to the fronts to make them more decorative, then figure out what accent painting I want to do.  With a baby shower, a skirt to make, did I mention school to do-I really do teach my children on occasion-all to be done by the weekend, the kitchen is not getting done anytime soon.  We won't even mention the special favors that have been exchanged for a light over the sink that operates on a switch-you did read the whole "Crock" post, right?

Stay tuned...

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  1. my word you have been busy! I am amazed by your eye and ability to turn things into something totally new. My kids would have a blast in that little closet...you sound like a wonderful mom!
    Thanks for linking up to "AP Tuesdays!" Hope to see you again tomorrow!


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