Monday, April 26, 2010

Musical Praise

Are you a music teacher?  My friend Jennifer is and she asked if I might have an idea in my head she could use.  She is the world's best piano teacher, her studio is simply AMAZING, and wanted a reward for her students that managed to memorize their recital piece.  Here is what I came up with.  My goals, cute, fun for the kids to receive, but CHEEP-I mean, affordable :0)

First, the window tent card.  Notice the lovely scalloped edge, sanded cardstock(found at Joanns 40% off last week*), then let your eyes settle in on all that chocolate  YUM YUM

Gum.  BUBALICIOUS to be exact.  I got it at the dollar store, sold in a bag 4 for $1
I think Jennifer is "chews"ing to use this one for the bribe.

This is a little cake was irresistible!  I had to make it.  Can the Caker in me actually resist the opportunity to make a cake, and a fake one at that!?!  The bottom plate is made of wood, cardboard core, and as below...
FILLED WITH CANDY!!!  Ka-Ching!  Kids around the world are smiling as we speak!  I think I may have enticed Jennifer to go for these too!
My marshmallow pops or another treat of your choice with a stylish layered-paper topper finished off with a saying of your choice.

POP!!!  Got this IBC root beer from the dollar store-it was actually $0.59 each.  They also had Jones grape soda in a glass bottle.  This idea can work great for a pop can as well.

Without the ribbon so you can read it... 

Wooden note magnets!  Painted black then modge podged the paper on the front.  You could even put a little saying or picture on these cute little babies.
Can you say Bigga!  This guy is about 8" tall, 4" wide and can be used as a magnet or put a little hinge and a leg on the back and use him as a standing frame.  I would have put my darling 8yr old piano-playing face on there, but alas, I have not a scanner and that darling memoir is not digital :0(
That is why you get a piece of paper. 
Wooden pianos!  Cut out of 1/4" wood.  Painted black.  Ready to be a magnet, frame, or a lovely pin for your student's shirt.

Here I added a little white line for the keyboard and the empty space on the pedal part.  I can't decide if I like it better all black or with the white lines.  Anyway, Hope that gives you some ideas Jennifer!  If anyone else is interested in the wood or labels, they will be on my etsy site very soon.  You can wait for that, or email me now!!!  Happy Musicing!


  1. Thanks Vanessa! Everything is AWESOME! I'm so excited! I'll send you a picture soon that you can use and repost with a picture. I thought the grand piano's turned out great! The white line's do give it more of a pop.

  2. I found your site from Jennifer. What cute ideas!! Where did you find the wooden note magnets? Also -- I'm way too visual -- do you have a tutorial for any of these? The cake, the card with the kisses -- I guess I'm not smart enough to figure out how you did these!!! I know -- I can teach piano but I'm not too crafty. (wink)

  3. I forgot to leave you my email so you could answer my questions! Thanks in advance.

  4. I will try to get a tutorial on these gift ideas as soon as possible. Please check back in the next week or two!


  5. do you have a download for your "it's been a treat teaching you"?


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