Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Cards

OK, since I have just started my blog I thought I would take a blast from the past and post some of the things I have done, showing you that my stuff is worth coming back for, even though I am just starting. I LOVE to come up with new, out of the box ideas for invites and cards. The cutie-patootie purse card up above was a party invite for Maddie's 9th Hip Chick Scrapbook Birthday Party. We had appetizers and had all 13 girls making scrapbooks of the pictures we had taken earlier. Totally fun for the girls.

The lolli was from Mads Sweet Shop Lollipop Happy 11th Birthday Party. Most tragic was the fact that she never got this party. My father ended up in the Critical Care Unit at the Mayo Hospital and we had to cancell the party and spend 7 weeks in Minnesota taking care of him. The cards were a huge hit though!

This sweet and simple card was tons of fun to make. I actually made it as a thank you card for Mads baptism. I made tons extra and have been able to use them quite often.

Here is one of Eli's invites. Not so much a card, ey? He wanted to put the invite inside clay, like an egg, and have the kids have to crack the egg to find out what was inside. I loved the idea and came up with these. We used air-drying clay by Krayola, printed the info and rolled it up inside. Surrounded the paper by clay, air dried, ended up throwing in the oven to speed along, then painted with a few colors and speckeling the egg to make it dinosaur-esque! Way Fun!!!!

So true, I feel so old the candles cost more than the cake. Actually you only have to be 25 to have your candles cost more than the cake cause a cake mix is less than a buck at wallyworld and the candles are like $1.20. Anyway, funny ;0) Used paperclips to attach the flames. Tons of work this card is.

Love, love, love this cupcake card. I have used it several times for tons of different things. This one was thank you cards for a school thing. That goopy stuff on the card is rather adorable in person. It is that glitter puff paint for scrapbooking, added here and there for accent.

And the inside...

This card was actually made as a checkbook for a Funny Money auction we had as a church activity. You earned dollars for all the good things you had done in the last month, then bid on services donated by other ladies. I had a few left over and figured they made good cards as well.

This "pardner" was a prototype for my son's cowboy birthday party he had after moving to Arizona. I thought it kinda' fitten'.

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