Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Work Space/Worken' Weekend

My 11yr old thinks this blogging thing is fabulous. She has decided to take pictures of everything for me, as I have found when I upload my pictures. I thought I would throw these in just in case you, too, find your self surrounded by a PILE of project, and probably dishes too. I have my days of cleaning, then cleaning, then cleaning, all the same spot over and over and over... get the point? And then there are those days I say, "Enough, I am going to do something that will stay done!"

That would look like this :0) I ran the kids to their AIMS testing every day this week, the very same week that Joanns had their Daffodil Dash sale (guess where Emmalee and I were during the wait time). When we were home, we were making a mess, just in time to leave again. I tried and tried to clean in between, then finally gave up.

I was able to get alot done, finally. I started two purple and white chiffon twirl skirt, will show when finished(that requires me figuring out how to do a rolled hem on my serger-don't hold breath).

Then, "helped" Madison make a very fun bag/purse. We went to two different Joanns stores looking for a pattern that was sold out. Finally we came home and made our own. Here is what we came up with.

I headed up a dress-widening project for my rapidly growing pre-teen, and made the dress-shirt-gone-dress I will post soon. Sneak peak:

Then I finished the wood-work for, Emmalee's play kitchen. Stay tuned! We have some good stuff in the I can just find my scissors :0)

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