Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TuTu Tuesday!

And it certainly was a TuTu Tuesday! 
We started out our crafting with Whitney and Sienna making Jean TuTus

After they left I finished up the one I made for my girly girl

Then I finished the four netting tutus I was making for a friend.


She is participating in a Mud Run in another week or two. They are giving prizes for goofy get-ups. I already made one batch of tutus for her and her friends to wear. She liked them so much she asked for four more. Apparently they are making the guys wear them too! TuTu funny! I will post pictures when I get them. I can't wait to see them myself!

Finally, I finished my purple pillows of chiffon softness. 

I made these for a sweet mommy-to-be who was looking for matching outfits for her soon-to-be babe and the smiley big sister.  I made the babies' dress so it can be made bigger and worn as a skirt when she is a little older. 
I made this one for big sister.  You know big sister can't be forgotten when the younger, squishier her comes around!

As for TuTu Tuesday, it has left me TuTu Tired for my TuTu eyes.  Time for my TuTu comfy bed and the end of this TuTu cheezy Post :0)
Good Night!

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