Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bunco Tonight!

After a long, frustrating two days of driving all over the planet to get my kids to their AIMS testing and my husband to work so I could use the car to drive to the afor mentioned activity, I got to relax with my girls at Bunco.

This was no ordinary Bunco gathering though, it was Bunco at Lorna's house!!! After being personally entertained by her IPad,I won (and lost) several rounds of the fabulous dice game, only to be wined-and-dined (I am sure I spelled that wrong) on a fabulous buffet of delightful delicacies. Yumm!

To top it all off we all received, simply for being fabulous, a goody basket holding a number of goodies and....

This BRACELET!!! Thanks Lorna! You know how to throw a party!

p.s. This was my prize. I of course won the "boobie" prize for not being fabulous at anything at all. Oh well, at least they let me come along for the ride ;0)

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