Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Dino Birthday

For Eli's 7th birthday we went the easy way and took two friends to the Dinousoar Museum at Thanksgiving Point. Here are the invites. We took air-dry Crayola clay, made eggs around the invite-info paper, then painted it to look like a speckled dino egg. We made an extra one for Eli so we could see how hard it was to break. Not bad! That clay was strong, but not too strong.

I made the volcano cake from here:
It is so fun. I have made this cake several times due to how easy it is to totally impress. I made one once for a silent cake auction that was a fundraiser for camp. It was a big hit.

These are the party boys ham-ing it up at the museum. That is a really fun place to go if you ever get the chance. We bought a year pass to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah when we were living there. I don't think the pass for just the Dinosaur Museum is worth it, but for the pass that covers all of Thanksgiving Point, $200 well spent!
Project from Feb. 2008

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