Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She has Hair!!!

Ladies, pull out the magnifying glass, we have piggies!!! Not only do we have piggies, but miss Emms reminds me to put them in if I forget! I didn't think I would ever be allowed to do her hair. For the last who-knows-how many months she ripped out anything I even held near her hair. Now piggies just aren't enough, she wants bows! Its a dream come true. Now we are late to church each week cause I don't have any bows made and we can't go to church with such pitiful little piggies and no bows!
As you can see, she has hair in the back. And no, I didn't cut her bangs this short! They simply refuse to grow. The hair on the top of her head has grown, but all hair stops here. What is a girl to do. Just don't blame the mamma!

January 2010

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