Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Party in Paris

Here's the invite. We are haven' a Partae! I made these babies, probably the hardest way possible, cause I wanted to try some new techniques, as ususal! First, I hunted for Eifle Tower clip art that was cartoony, stamped the word PARIS,blew up the clip are, traced it to the paper, then traced w/an embossing pen. Then I dusted with embossing dust, heat gunned it, added rhinestones, mounted and tied it with ribbon. Here is the inside:

Maddie Girl wanted a Paris Party when she turned 10. Above is the cake I came up with. The house was very hot and the cake settled, but I think it still turned out cute. I found the Eiffle Tower sippy cups on line, along with the poodle party favor boxes that came already stuffed.

The girls came in their pj's. We did one of our classic popcorn bars. They consist of a huge bin of freshly popped popcorn, bowls with each kid's name written on the side, and bowls and bowls of candy they can put on top. We invited one of Eli's friends to come help Eli serve the girls while they watched a Mary Kate and Ashely Paris movie.

Lovely me, I was 8 mo. pregnant with baby Emmalee. We still partied it up with dancing and the limbo after the movie.
Project from May of 2008

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