Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Small Wedding Cake

I made this smaller wedding cake for a cute couple from church. They had been together forever and had finally decided to tie the knot. I was excited to make this cake for them. I also made my friend Wendi's punch. It is fabulous! Here is the recipe

6oz lime juice
3 c. sugar
11 c. water

Boil until sugar is dissolved. Cool, then pour into freezer bags and freeze until frozen ;0) About an hour before you need it, set it out on the counter to soften. Pour into punch bowl with one 2-liter of Sprite. Break up the larger chunks of ice. This is a lovely slushy punch that will get rave reviews!
Here are some pics of the last time I made it. I tripled the recipe for a party of 60. I think I only needed to double it. If the punch is too sweet, add a few cups of water or Sprite. Enjoy!

This project made in Feb of 2008

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