Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eli-ndiana Jones Birthday Party

This was Eli's 8th birthday party. He has an obsession with Indiana Jones so it was only fitting that we have an Eli-ndiana Jones party! We wrapped mummies, trained on evasive water balloon maneuvers, braved snakes, and had a fear-factor-esque food table where the kids had to try monkey brains and eyeballs and such.
I decorated the frosting on the cake and in a non-obsessive compulsive very good-mommy sort of way, let Eli put whatever Indiana Jones guys he wanted wherever he wanted on the cake. I am very proud of me. He enjoyed the cake even more cause I let him do it his way!

I cut out huge jewels from 2x4's and Eli spray painted them fancy colors. We made small packs of candy and gum and put it all in this Styrofoam ice chest that we had spray painted gold to look like the ark of the covenant. The kids had to do each test of bravery in order to win the next piece of the map that lead them back to this treasure. They loved it!

We took all of our recently emptied moving boxed, spray painted over the home depot signs and stacked them up in the back yard. Then we set the kids loose with water balloons to practice getting the bad guys. Also a big hit!

Project from February 2009

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