Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crystalized Flowers

OK, so this was my second attempt at making crystalized flowers for a cake. You do realize that, even though I made some very huge mistakes the first time, that makes me a professional now, right?

Even though I messed them up last time (I tried to hurry the drying process along by sticking them in the oven and ended up making them glossy and fall-aparty) they still turned out beautiful and I just couldn't resist making them again. The first batch was from a nursery that did not use pesticides so the kids could eat them. This time I was being even more adventureouse, and cheep, and bought a $5 bunch from Target that was not pestiside free. No problem, just don't let the kids eat them. You say "eat them,are you crazy?" They are rather rose flavored the first day, but by the end of the second, the sugar has sucked all the flavor out and replaced it with the taste of just sugar :0) Child's paradise.

Anyhow, I follow the instructions posted here... I follow their directions using powdered meringe instead of egg whites. I use regular sugar cause I am too lazy to run it through the blender and can't find the super-fine kind at Walmart. I think they are lovely!!!

The roses are simply gorgous. I do a few roses, at different stages of being opened, a handful of pettals (the ones that fall off are just fine to use), and then be sure to crystalize a few leaves and baby's breath for fillers.

I tried daisies, the website said they were edible (it is very important not to use a flower that is poisonous, just can't figure out why :0P), but they didn't turn out so well. Maybe if they were the single-layer variety they might have turned out better. Maybe if I hadn't used the recommendation to leave them in the oven over night with the bulb on to dry them faster (did I mention that the oven was already warm from baking something and the flowers ended up with burnt parts.. oops.. :0)

No matter what, I would recomment anyone try this! It is so easy, relaxing, and very satisfying to look at those gorgous flowers, crystalized by your own two hands.
March 2010

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