Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Disney Give a Day, Get a Day

We participated in Disney's Give a Day Get a Day program where you volunteer for a day and then you get a free pass to Disneyland!!! I think it is cheating cause you should just volunteer because of the goodness of your heart, not because you are getting something. Obviously that didn't stop me from accepting the tickets! We got to volunteer at a retirement village picking the fruit from the trees. It was really fun!
Just look at the family togetherness it inspired! Sibling love.

We were actually kind of sad there were so many people there. They were only expecting like 40 and ended up with 200. We were supposed to be there from 8-noon, and were finished in an hour. Good thing though, cause it started to down-pour, thats right, instant rain in Arizona. Weird.
My kids now need to go to home depot and buy one of these things cause they had so much fun using it. I try to remind them that we, ourselves, don't have an orange tree. They think we can just walk the streets and pick the city trees that they fail to glean. Any opinions on that? Still not buying the fruit picker though.
Why buy a fruit picker when you gave birth to one, I say.
February 2010

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