Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Invites

So a sweet little lady friend of mine is having her fourth, a girl, and I was asked to do her shower invites. Do I ever LOVE to come up with a new card idea. I, of course, couldn't find any examples to copy-cat, and was forced to make my own. Naturally I couldn't just make one and run with it, so here are all of the "samples" I made.

This was my first idea. I was inspired by all those cute baby bum cakes made out of fondant. I loved it, but wasn't sure anyone would know what they were looking at. Of course I lost a toe before I took the picture, and being too lazy to make a new one just for this post, my baby only has 9.

Next I made this little birdie.

The diaper was cute, but a lot of work and tons of paper. Where she needed 35 invites I opted to save myself a whole day of work and not pick it.

This is the one I decided to do. A pacifier. I hope you can tell it is a pacifier. Whatever it looks like, I think it is still cute. I used the same paper on all of the invites so that the choice would be based on the actual card, not the cutest paper.

This is the actual card mailed out. I picked paper I could use with the stack of green card stock I didn't use for Christmas Cards since I opted out of them this year. I went the cheaper route with the rinestones and got the little bag and glued them on myself instead of using the pre-glued (which would have been tons easier)!

Here they all are! 35 cards made inbetween spring chicks, family of 8 visiting for a week, and various other activities. Now for the shower decorations!

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